This web site is dedicated in the memory of my daughter Jamie Hope Risenhoover (1990-2006). Jamie fought a long and hard bout with leukemia and passed away August 16, 2006. As a father I watched my beautiful daughter grow from a vibrant young girl to a young lady all the time fighting a deadly disease that would later overcome her. Her fight led her to months on end in hospitals fighting infections and funguses while taking chemotherapy that would make her so nauseated. Her sense of humor and laughter remained with her throughout her illness. It was through my daughter’s eyes that I started to see the world differently.
I watched monitors for hours on end when every breath was a struggle and oxygen levels would plummet dangerously low yet her will to live would overcome. It is times as these that bring a father face to face with reality when there is nothing left to do but pray and the hope that his prayers are heard. I will never forget her smile and how it brought such joy to my heart and gave me hope that all was well in such wearisome times.
My daughter loved animals and saw a beauty in the world that slowly through her eyes I began to see and appreciate. When I felt overcome and hopeless I found such calmness when I would surrender my will and fears over to Christ. It was through her eyes that I learned to look at life differently in a more compassionate state of mind surrendering my will for her life over to Christ.

O Father, we commend our daughter into your hands,
for her sickness is not unto death.
Therefore, O death, where is thy sting?
O grave, where is thy victory?
Therefore let our hearts rejoice,
and our tongues be glad: moreover her spirit shall rest in hope



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